OS X 10.5.2 Part II

I’d been having some minor problems on my MacBook since I upgrade it to OS X 10.5.2 that seemed related to .Mac syncing with my OS X 10.5.1 iMac. So rather than waiting for the weekend to upgrade my primary machine I decided to do it tonight.

The problems I was having were minor but annoying. I had to turn of .Mac syncing of the Dock because the two updated Dock items, Documents and Downloads, always displayed conflict errors. The second problem may not be related to the upgrade since it didn’t occur at first. I could no longer logon to my Windows Home Server shares through the keychain. I had to delete the item from the keychain then I could logon. Even saving a successful logon to the keychain would fail the next time.

I updated my SuperDuper backup and booted off that disk to verify it was usable and then started the update. The update went along as it did for my MacBook update. The only difference was I got the iLife ’08 update at the same time I got OS X 1.5.2. After the reboot I got the Leopard Graphics Update. The installation of the updates went fine.

The upgrade of my iMac wasn’t quit as smooth as the MacBook but it wasn’t too bad. The problems I had were related to .Mac syncing. I kept getting errors when iDisk synced.

I keep a copy of my iDisk locally so I turned off iDisk syncing (in .mac preferences) which deleted the local iDisk on my iMac. (It makes a copy on the desktop.) Then I turned on iDisk syncing again. It recreated the local iDisk and all was fine after that.

Once the keychains on both my iMac and MacBook synced the problem logging onto my home server also went away. The Windows Home Server shares would then be automatically mapped during logon using the password in the keychain.

The bottom line – multiple Macs that sync over .Mac should be upgraded at the same time or syncing should be turned off.

While I didn’t experience the problems, there’s been reports or problems between OS X 10.5.1 and LinoType Font Explorer, problems with the Leopard Graphics Update, and a list of additional issues.

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