OS X 10.5.2 Released

The updates continue with Apple releasing OS X 10.5.2 onMonday. The release notes are here and the security updates are described here. I installed it on my MacBook a short while ago and had a few minor issues.

The update itself went fine. It’s a 180MB download through Software Update on my Intel MacBook. The install requires a reboot and like the 10.5.1 update the system can’t be used while the update is being applied and a restart is required. The install took about 5 minutes (not including download time) and there was a single reboot. There was a long minute or two where the progress bar didn’t move.

The minor issues came up with .Mac. During the first sync I was told there were 15 conflicts in my iCal. All the conflicts were old recurring appointment. The immediate sync after that flagged 14 conflicts, all of which appeared to be in the first batch. The third sync was just fine. All the conflicting appointments were full-day appointments.

Shortly after the startup I received the following message which cleared within a minute.

Image removed

I keep my iDisk local on my Macs so it was compacting it after the reboot. I haven’t re-sized iDisk in Months. The updates to iCal include recurring appointments and .Mac sync:

Improves iCal so that it accurately reflects responses to recurring meetings.
Addresses stability issues related to .Mac syncing of iCal calendars.

Which probably caused the sync issues. In my case some of the iMac dates were a day early, so I picked the iCal appointment as the one to save.

The iDisk compression may have just been a side effect of the OS X system update, eveything seems to be fine.

I’ll spend a day or two running things on my MacBook and wait a day or two before updating my iMac, but things seem to be OK for now.

OS X 10.5.2 is also available via a 343MB standalone installer. After installing OS X 10.5.2 a Leopard Graphics Update will be available for installation and it also requires a reboot.

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