Aperture 2 Released

The rumor that Apple would kill (or sell) Aperture and its other pro apps seems to have been put to rest since Apple released Aperture 2 today. Aperture retails for $199. Aperture 1.x users can upgrade for $99 unless they bought it after Jan 1, 2008 in which case it’s ten bucks.

The $199 price seems to be a price cut from version 1.5. I don’t keep track of these things but Amazon.com is still selling version 1.5 for $230 with a list price of $299. (So don’t buy from Amazon yet, they don’t seem to have Aperture 2 listed.) Amazon has Aperture 2 listed now.

If you work for a large company check and see if they have Apple’s “Employee Purchase Program” available. My company does, and Aperture is discounted about 18%, which is a lot for Apple. Since I would inevitably buy the upgrade so I just went ahead and ordered it.

Apple has identified 103 new features in Aperture 2 with the User Interface having the longest list (30). Like the Leopard list some don’t seem worth mentioning, like the “Reset All Warnings preference” feature.

The recommended configuration is a dual core 2GHz processor with 2GB RAM. Apple has a compatibility checker which will tell you if Aperture will run on your system and there’s a 30-day trial available. The compatibility checker is linked at the bottom of the trial download page. If you have a licensed copy of version 1.5 you need to go through a short process to install trial version which is why I’ll just wait for my full version to arrive.

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