The OS Quest Trail Log #23: Update Edition

It’s been two weeks since the last trail log and pretty much all that’s happened on the quest is a bunch of software updates. I won’t bother mentioning them all again or linking to the posts. Clicking the previous post link down at the bottom of each post will scroll you through them if your not reading this in the feed or on the main page.

I’ve had even more updates than the ones I’ve mentioned in previous posts:

MacMozy was updated to MacMozy 0.9.1 and the release notes call it a release candidate. It seems to be working fine but I haven’t had a chance to do my usual backup/restore testing. Mozy has since posted MacMozy 0.9.2 although I haven’t downloaded it yet. I hope to download it this week and do my backup/restore testing.

VMware Fusion was updated to version 1.1.1. I didn’t have any problem installing it on my MacBook. I did have a problem on my iMac. I think I have the iMac issue worked out although I haven’t tested all my VMs yet. I’ll have more about VMware Fusion once I’ve had a chance to use it awhile. But so far the way it maps the OS X keyboard shortcuts to windows is a big hit for me.

WordPress 2.3.3 was released on February 5th and it’s primarily security update although it includes a could of bug fixes. I didn’t want to go through a full WordPress upgrade so I followed the procedure in the release notes and just applied the security fix. The bug fixes can wait for another day.

Firefox also received an upgrade to which is called a security and stability fix.

In total, I upgraded a dozen apps since the trail log two weeks ago.


Of course, the past week wasn’t without it’s frustrations.

As I previously mentioned I had problems upgrading VMware on my iMac. I should have remembered a lesson learned from Windows – sometimes it helps to reboot before doing an installation. I don’t know if it would have helped to do the reboot first thing, but in the end I had to reboot before the installation worked.

Then there was the death of my Epson Stylus Photo R340 printer. Naturally it’s out of warranty. Also, the ink it used is now obsolete so my choice was either a used printer to save the ink I had. Luckily I had just re-supplied so I could return some of the ink for a full refund. I decided to replace it with a low cost ($56 from Amazon) Canon iP3500. I was barely more than the cost of ink and actually about the same price as a full resupply of ink for my Epson. I’ve only had it two days but it prints fast and the quality is good so far. I haven’t tried photo printing on Canon photo paper (which should give the best quality) but I don’t  expect it to be as good as the Epson.

The Upcoming Week

I just finished the first week at my new job so things should be back to normal and I can get back to the Quest. I want to finish off testing the latest version of SuperDuper and Mozy along with getting VMware upgraded on my iMac. I’ve also been playing around with a few add-ins for Windows Home Server which I want to pay more time with. Unfortunately I have to keep my day job and those things will take up my free time this week, but I hope to get back on track with the Ubuntu server project next weekend.

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