iWeb 2.0.3 Released By Apple

Apple has released and update for iWeb. iWeb 2.0.3 has the wordy description of:

This update addresses compatibility with Mac OS X.

It’s available through Apple software update and as a direct download. No reboot was required when I installed the update.

Since there’s not much else to say about this update I’ll throw in a little rant. Apple released iWork updates yesterday and an iWeb update today. There’s no security implications mentioned. Couldn’t they have released them at the same time so I’d only be interrupted once? It’s not like they needed extra time for the release notes. While I really want to keep my software updated all these updates (including non-Apple updates) are getting tiresome. To tear down my own rant – Apple software update defaults to checking once a week (if I remember correctly) so if I had left the default I would have probably gotten the updates all at the same time.

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