Bluehost: Upgrading to PHP 5

This post is obsolete and screenshots have been removed.

Since development of PHP 4 ended in 2007 it’s time to finally move on to PHP 5. This website is hosted by Bluehost and they provide the PHP installation, so there’s nothing for me to actually install. Bluehost provided the ability to determine which version of PHP I want to use on my site through a Cpanel setting. All sites running under the same Cpanel account have to use the same PHP version.

To pick the PHP version on Bluehost click the PHP Config icon in the Software/Services section of Cpanel. The following options will be displayed:

image lost

Bluehost directs you to the PHP Migration Guide at in the event you need to verify your code. In my case all my PHP was in WordPress or WordPress plugins. I had the latest WordPress version so I knew I was safe there. All my plugins are still actively developed and I had recent versions. So I should be all set with PHP 5, which is a good thing, since I really didn’t have anyway to test this unless I installed a whole new server. So I decided to make the change when things are slow and do some quick testing.

So I went from PHP4 to PHP5 (FastCGI) about a week ago and everything seems to be running just fine.

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