The OS Quest Trail Log #22: Abridged Edition

This week’s Quest included progress in the Ubuntu Server series with articles on setting up iptables and getting comfortable with Ubuntu. So now I’m at the point where I can start installing the server software. MySQL will be first up. I also started down the Windows Home Server path and I’ve been looking at some add-ins to move beyond the simple file sharing and PC backups.

I’m starting a new day job next week so this week will be busy transitioning the old stuff and next week will be getting up to speed on the new stuff so the next week or two are likely to be light ones on the Quest. But then again, I need to have some fund.

Software Updates

Transmission 1.01 was released which was a minor upgrade to the 1.00 version of my favorite bittorrent client. The update is available through the programs own auto-update feature. Changes are covered on the Transmission page and include performance and OS X specific improvements.

1Password by Agile by Agile Web Solutions has been updated to version 2.5.9. The update is available through the programs own auto-update feature or as a direct download. Changes in 1Password 2.5.9 includes a new password strength meter among over 40 new features, changes and fixes.

WordPress now using PHP 5. I switched over to PHP5 on my server and all seems well. I’m using the latest version of WordPress and what few plug-ins I use are also current and actively developed. I’ll post more info once I know things are working OK. Let me know if you have any problems with the site. Active development of PHP 4 ended at the end of 2007 although security updates will continue until August 2008.

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