Remote Desktop Connection

While Microsoft may prefer that all Windows Home Server (WHS) administration occur through the Windows Home Server Console, there may be times where you want to be on the actual server console, as if you connected a monitor and keyboard to the server. You can use Microsoft Remote Desktop in order to do this.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is already installed with Windows Vista. To run it just go to the Start -> Search box and start typing Remote Desktop. It’s also included with Windows XP where it’s in the Accessories -> Communications menu group.

It can also be installed on Windows 2000 Professional and and earlier OS’s by downloading it from Microsoft.

When the remote desktop client starts you’ll first be for the computer to connect to. Once that’s entered you’ll be prompted for the user name and password. Use administrator as the user name. Use your Windows Home Server console password as the password and you’ll be on the server.

You’ll see a ominous message warning you about bad things.


It’s open in IE so just close the window and you’re on the server desktop.

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