MacHeist II

The MacHeist bundle is back again this year, despite last years controversy. There was more this year. The bundle contains ten software apps, three of them remain locked until certain sales targets are reached, for $49.

Apps include:

  • 1Password
  • CoverSutra (Leopard only)
  • Cha-Ching (Leopard only)
  • iStopMotion
  • Awaken
  • AppZapper
  • TaskPaper
  • CSSEdit
  • SnapzPro X
  • Pixelmator

The last three are the ones that remain locked until their targets are reached.

I just recently started using 1Password and I’m not using all the features. Syncing via .Mac and support for both Safari and Firefox led me to try it. I like the way multiple IDs/passwords can be managed for the same site. I’ve yet to touch the wallet or identity features.

CSSEdit is another app I use and well worth it’s $30 cost. As the name implies it’s a CSS Editor. It’s one of the locked apps and the sales are about half way to it’s target for unlocking.

I also have SnapZPro X. It’s used for capturing screenshots and video. At $70 it’s a bit expensive. In most cases <command-shift-4> is all I need for screen capture but I use the video capture quit a bit. Once it’s unlocked the bundle saves you twenty bucks on this app alone.

I probably won’t be buying the bundle this year. I already own the apps that interest me. If Pixelmator gets unlocked it may entice me. I a occasionally look at the demo when I want to tweak an image. But I always find it can’t do it or there’s another way (or it was a bad idea in the first place).

All the apps have demos (at least there’s a download link for each app) and there’s 14 days left so there’s time to demo any apps that might interest you.

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