Google Reader to NewsGator/NetNewsWire/FeedDemon

This post is obsolete and screenshots have been removed.

As you may know NewsGator Technologies made their RSS readers free. While these RSS clients are desktop clients they have the ability to synch between multiple computers and there’s also a web based reader. I took the opportunity to move my feeds from Google Reader to give it a spin. Moving the feeds over via an OPML file was a cinch.

In Google Reader click on Manage Subscriptions at the bottom of your subscriptions list (or click on Settings long the top).

Then click Import/Export from the settings menu. You’ll see the screen shown below.

Click on the Export you subscriptions as an OPML file link and save the file to your hard drive. If your using Safari or any other browser that auto saves the file will be called google-reader-subscription.xml.

I decided to set up my feeds in the NewsGator web. I already had an account from an earlier trial of their software and I remembered the password.

Once you have the account click on the Manage Feeds link then select the URL & Import tab. Then click on Import followed by the Chose File button. Select the file you saved from Google Reader and click Import. These are shown in the next screenshot. follow the numbers.

The import maintained my Google Reader folder structure.

Each of the clients also has the ability to import the OPML file if you don’t want or need the web service. If you have multiple Macs you can sync using .Mac instead of the NewsGator web service.

The biggest thing Newsgator/NetNewsWire has going against it for me is I “grew up” with Google Reader. I had about a dozen feeds when I started using it and I’m now at 137. So my news reading conformed to the Google way as I expanded. I need to re-train my muscle memory but I found that NetNewsWire for the Mac was more in line with the way I’m used to than was FeedDemon for Windows.

One thing that jumped out at me is the ability to customize feeds in each client since it recognizing each client as a unique location. This will allow the feeds to be tailored to my environment, unlike Google’s every feed every place way of doing things. There’s still a web based feed reader for when it’s needed and everything has stayed nicely in sync so far.

You do not need to create the web account if you don’t want the web reader and don’t need to sync.

Shawn Blanc has a good review of NetNewsWire (the Mac RSS reader), written back in December. It’s based on the NNW 3.1 beta.

I couldn’t find any current and comprehensive reviews of FeedDemon (the Windows RSS reader), just lot’s of “it’s great” type comments. CNet made it an Editor’s Choice back in October 2006 as did PC Magazine in April 2006.

Any one else considering switching to the NewsGator/FeedDemon/NetNewsWire club now that membership is free?

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