Mandriva Linux 2008 On VMware Fusion

This article is obsolete. Images and broken external links have been removed.

Back around Thanksgiving I installed Ubuntu, Fedora and Mandriva Linux virtual machines on VMware Fusion. This article has the screen shots from the Mandriva install. I’m running VMware Fusion 1.1 on my MacBook running Leopard. Mandriva officially calls it’s free Linux Mandriva Linux One 2008.

The VMware portion of the setup was straight-forward since Mandriva is included as one of the available guest OS’s in the setup wizard. The screen shots from the VMware wizard are shown below. (Click the any thumbnail for the full size image.)

When the virtual machine starts up it loads the Live CD. The setup wizard asks for some hardware information and boots to the Mandriva Live CD GUI. In my case I could just accept the defaults that were pre-selected. The screen shots from the setup wizard are shown below.

After the desktop appeared I clicked the Live Install icon (shown to the left) on the desktop to start the actual installation. There’s a wizard that kicks off immediately and another one that runs after the reboot. The screen shots from the pre-reboot wizard are shown below.

After the last screen I just do a normal shutdown and remove the ISO file as the active CD by telling VMware to use the physical drive. When I start the VM up again the following wizard runs. The first screen that pops up asks about the network connection. Even though my MacBook uses a wireless connection I picked the Ethernet connection to configure because VMware virtualizes the connection as an Ethernet connection.

After entering the user ID on that last screen the wizard goes into welcome, registration and survey screens, all of which I was able to skip. At this point the Mandriva installation is done but the VMware tools need to be installed and this is where the problems begin.

Starting the tools install is simple enough, just select Virtual Machine -> Install VMware Tools from the VMware Fusion menu. A RPM and TAR installer will be displayed. I simply double-clicked the RPM package, entered the root password and let it install. But then it has to be configured by running from terminal as root. Unfortunately the modules needed for the Mandriva kernel aren’t present so the install fails. After looking around Mandriva for awhile I wasn’t excited so I decided to skip the tools install for now. I did find these instructions for installing the tools on Mandriva. I haven’t tried them, but I’ll revisit them if I decide to actually start using Mandriva.

Anybody else using Mandriva under VMware? You get the tools installed?

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