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Security Quest #15: Links & Numbers


Not much happening this holiday week so just some spam numbers and links.

Spam Counts

My primary mailbox (which manages multiple addresses) didn’t get any new spam messages and the 30-day count is down to four from last week’s seven.

My more public GMail address received a bunch of spam messages this past week, all of which was filtered by GMail. The thirty day count jumped to 176, up from 154 messages last week.

This site’s spam comment count jumped to 7,414, up 73 from last week. All were caught by the Spam Karma plugin.

News & Links Malware construction kit authors arrested, to be tried – The Russians have arrested two malware toolkit authors. Problems updating the Flash player in Firefox? Here’s help – The article provides the reasons I hate Flash player. What the rather long article explains is the steps necessary to remove the old, vulnerable versions of Flash Player. WARNING: Google’s GMail security failure leaves my business sabotaged – David has his GMail account hacked due to a vulnerability (since fixed) which led to him having his domain name stolen from him. Security exploit bricks HP and Compaq laptops – Engadget reports on a Polish security researching finding yet more exploits in HP/Compaq products. Antivirus protection worse than a year ago – Heise Security points to a study that shows antivirus effectiveness has fallen from a year ago. One reason given is the “professionalization of the malware scene”. False positive detection – system file explorer.exe – Here’s the Kaspersky fix if you got bit by the false virus detection on explorer.exe Kaspersky inadvertently quarantines Windows Explorer – Kaspersky had a problem with their virus definitions and quarantined explorer.exe as the Huhk-C virus. – Join Our Community… So We Can Spy On Your Every Online Move – Techdirt brings news of a report from CA that’s “community” is really a ploy to get you to install the Comscore toolbar and watch your online moves.