Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on VMware Fusion

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I installed Ubuntu 7.04 under Parallels back in April and upgraded it recently. I run VMware Fusion on my MacBook which I was traveling with over Thanksgiving so I decided to install Ubuntu 7.10 under VMware to compare with Parallels. I’m running VMware Fusion 1.1, which is the latest version, on OS X 10.5.1 which is also the latest version.

I downloaded the Ubuntu 7.10 ISO file from ubuntu.com and started the Create New Virtual Machine wizard in VMware Fusion. The installation is straight-forward and the wizard is self-explanatory so you can view the screen shots below to see the steps in the creation wizard. Click the thumbnails to see the full size images.

The last screen shot shows that I want to install the OS immediately and install from the ISO image that I downloaded. The Ubuntu installation was also straight-forward so the screen shots below can tell the story.

That last screen shot is the advanced button from the last screen in the installation wizard.

After the installation completed I ran the Update Manager in Ubuntu to pull down the waiting updates. Once that’s done I select “Install VMware” tools from the VMware menu. This opens up the window shown below. The tools can be installed from either and RPM package or extracted and installed from a tar installer. The VMware online help gives good instructions on how to use either one. I extracted he installer from the tar file. The only thing not in the VMware instructions is to run the installer using sudo so it installs as root. The screen shots below show the output from terminal during the installation.

I didn’t have any of the problems installing Ubuntu on VMware that I had installing it on Parallels. But, to be fair, that was an older version of both Parallels and Ubuntu. The install took over an hour but most of that was waiting for files to copy or download.

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  1. how does it perform? I'm currently installing it on my macbook, I was wondering how all the wobbly windows and stuffs would run

  2. @albemuth: So far it's run well, no stability issues. OS X is my primary OS and I do almost everything in that so I don't run a lot of additional apps in the VMs. I suppose boot camp would perform better for windows but the VMs are fast enough for what I do.

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