Panic Software Releases Transmit 3.6.3

Panic Software released an update to my favorite FTP client, Transmit. It’s a 8.2MB download. It’s a zip file, unzip the file and copy to the application directory to install or upgrade.

The release notes contain four Leopard specific fixes, the most serious (at least for me) of which was the “Edit With” menu showing apps on Time Machine volumes. This explains why “Edit With” displayed each app a half dozen or more times. It’s back to listing each app just once.

There were three fixes listed that were related to Amazon S3. One was “can now delete a folder with more than one thousand files inside”. I’d had this problem in the past so tried again with the update. I had a folder on S3 with 92,222 files in it and while I could delete the files it was a bumpy ride. It took a lot a memory and time to list the files. By the time Transmit listed all the files Activity Monitor reported 961.15MB of Real memory and 2.23GB of Virtual memory used. The memory usage was unexpected and I was running a Windows VM at the time so the timing to list the files is irrelevant since all memory was used. I stopped the VM and there was plenty of free memory when I started the actual deletion and that took about 10 minutes. The deletion actually finished with an error, saying it couldn’t delete a file. All the files were still listed and a refresh did nothing. I disconnected and reconnected and the files were gone, so the delete did work. It’s the listing of files that seemed to take all the memory. With the delete in progress Transmit memory usage dropped and I was able to restart the VM without max’ing out the MacBook memory.

Under the Everything Else category of fixes was “File listing now updates correctly when deleting many items”. This seems to describe the problem I just saw with the S3 deletion so maybe it’s not fixed. Or maybe my problem was S3 specific.

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