Yojimbo 1.5 Released

I use Yojimbo for organizing notes, passwords and other assorted information. Bare Bones Software has released Yojimbo 1.5 which you’ll need to download manually. But this will be the last time since automatic update checking is one of the new features which is listed in the release notes.

New features include full support for images and spotlight will now index tags and all form fields. Yojimbo will now support the F16-F19 keys on the new Apple keyboards. Most of the other changes are minor and revolve around performance enhancements and fixes.

I upgraded Yojimbo on both my iMac and my MacBook. The upgrade also updates the database so be sure you have a backup of the ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo folder in case things go horribly wrong. I noticed a backup was also created in the ~/Library/Application Support/Yojimbo Backups folder. The first time I synced each computer it took a long time to do the sync but there were no problems and the next sync was quick.

The look and feel of Yojimbo hasn’t changed, beyond a new sidebar collection called “Images”. I consider that a good thing. I like Yojimbo for it’s simplicity and flexibility so I’m not looking for a bunch of new features. This update improves what’s already there.

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