Parallels 3 Build 5582 Released – The Leopard Release

Parallels released build 5582 (RC1 was Build 5580) for Parallels Desktop 3 for the Mac which is the latest production release. I downloaded and installed the update, and I’m running Windows Live Writer in it now. The list of fixes is everything since the last production release so it’s hard to say what changed between build 5580 and this one.

It wasn’t available to me through automatic update. I’m not sure if that’s because I was too early or because I was running a beta. So I downloaded and installed the update. The download was a DMG file and there was an installer which did the upgrade without much input beyond accepting the license. The first time I started my Windows XP SP2 VM the Parallels Tools were installed. I had to confirm the installation but the rest was automatic. After the Parallels Tools install finished I needed to reboot the VM. This first reboot took longer than normal, with lots of (virtual) disk activity.

I was also able to start my Ubuntu 7.10 VM without a problem.

I had previously mentioned a couple annoyances with Parallels build 5580. When in Coherence mode the task bar still shows in all four of my Spaces even though I’ve assigned Parallels to Space 3. Opening anything from the task bar, even its own properties, displays in the assigned Space and not the one that had the task bar that was used. I no longer have the problem where the spaces bounce around when starting Parallels. It opens Parallels in the assigned space and goes there just once, just like any other app.

So far it’s been stable for me but there are some known issues listed in the release notes:

Stability and resources usage
– Problems may occur when suspending a virtual machine with running OpenGL
– Mounted USB device may seriously increase CPU usage
– Small artefacts in Expose’ may appear
– Parallels Tools
– Parallels Tools Center sometimes may use 100% CPU after drag-and-drop
Video and 3D
– SolidWorks 2007 operates wrong on Macs with ATI HD2600 graphic card
– ArcGIS™ Desktop 9.2: ArcGlobe component operates wrong
– Windows Media Player doesn`t work in IE on Vista
Parallels Transporter
– Vista Boot Camp migration via network may fail (if Vista launched in Parallels
Parallels Explorer&Mounter
– Transmission between different columns with keyboard is not available yet
Applications compatibility
– TypeIt4Me causes unexpected operations in guest Windows

Parallels also announced Parallels Premium Edition. This is Parallels Desktop for the Mac bundled with Kaspersky Internet Security, Acronis True Image Home (backup software) and Acronis Disk Director Suite. The bundle is $99 while bust out retail for all the software is $254 (according to Parallels). While I never installed it, my Parallels upgrade included Kaspersky Internet Security so if you have Parallels 3 Standard you have that already. Kaspersky is included with Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard addition but it’s a 6 month subscription while the Premium edition has a 1 year subscription. The 3 windows apps go for about $125 at Amazon (assuming no rebates) so it does seem like a good deal if you want all the software.

Parallels is currently offering several bundles and promotions such as iTunes gift cards. Click the tile at the bottom of this page to see their promotions.

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