MacCast PodCast

The MacCast PodCast is one of my regular subscriptions. Over Thanksgiving they put out a special edition podcast that was different than their typical Podcast since it concentrated on one topic and guest. It was titled FrontRow Special and concentrated on using a Mac Mini as an media library centering on Front Row in Leopard. Ara Derderian from the HDTV Podcast is the guest.

Awhile back I had hooked up a PPC, and pre-FrontRow, Mac Mini running Tiger to my TV. While the video quality was fine it was too tedious to use. The Mini is still around so I may upgrade to Leopard and give it a try again. There’s no remote control but the Remote Desktop is working great, much better than VNC under Tiger.

The podcast is worth checking out even if your don’t want an entire entertainment center built on a Mac Mini. It provides tips for FrontRow and DVD ripping among other things.

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