Security Links & News

No Security Quest this week, but here’s some links from the past week. It really is spam – Interesting article about comment spam. In the past, I’ve had to delete a few of these “compliment” comments that contained spam links and made it through the filters, and I’ve seen numerous others that were caught by the filters. It does seem to be a growing trend.

Mozilla Firefox Release Notes – Firefox was released to address 3 high impact security issues. (High is less than the highest rating of critical.) Apple QuickTime exploit published. – Exploit code has been published for a vulnerability in Apple’s QuickTime software. According to to bulletins only QuickTime on Windows is affected. NAB Spams FCC Over XM-Sirius Merger; Uses People Who Claim They Had Nothing To Do With It – A new take on spam. One recipient, many sender names, even if the people named had nothing to do with it. Exploit Released for Unpatched QuickTime Flaw – Security Fix – The title says it all. Leopard security bug puts Mail users at risk – A old jpg vulnerability has returned to Apple Mail according to The Register.

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