OS X 10.5.1 Released

It’s been less than a month and Apple has released OS X 10.5.1, it’s first update to Leopard. There’s over two dozen fixes listed in the release notes. Most fixes include either security, stability or reliability in the description. It’s available through Apple Software Update or as a 110MB standalone download. It was a 39.8MB download through Software Update for my Intel Macs.

I installed it through Software Update on my iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini. A restart is required. The only thing I noticed is that startup times on my iMac now take noticeably longer. The other Macs were unaffected. My iMac had this problem awhile back and I took some programs out of startup and changed settings on others and it reduced the time. Now it’s an extended reboot again.

The updates touch so many areas so only time will tell if new problems are introduced.

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