The OS Quest Trail Log #14: Just News & Links

It’s been a slow week on the quest. Everything either made it into a post already or is part of a post I’m working on. So it will just be news & links today.

Software Upgrades Acorn Release Notes – Acorn image editor has been updated to version 1.03. I’ve been using this as my editor for what little image work I do. I didn’t have any problems with the upgrade.

Jungle Disk 1.46 has been released. It adds support for file archiving ad automated cleanups. While I liked Jungle Disk I still haven’t found a regular use for it so I haven’t tried the update.

News & Links Mac OS X 10.5 (Darwin 9.0) – Apple has released the Darwin source code that’s the foundation of Leopard An old hat with new tricks: Fedora 8 officially released – Fedora 8 has been officially released Featured Firefox Extension: Kick Off Your Daily Browsing with Morning Coffee – Firefox extension to open set of bookmarks on a given day or days – The Monster Guide to Customizing Apple’s OS X! – numerous OS X tweaks in one place.

Retrospect updated for Leopard – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) – EMC’s Retrospect Backup software has been updated for Leopard. blacktree-alchemyQuicksilver has gone open source and is up on Google Code.

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