OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #13: More Leopard

It’s been just over a week with OS X 10.5 Leopard. So far I’m liking it a lot. I wouldn’t have picked it going in, but Spaces has turned out to be the killer feature for me. I’m using it on both my 24″ iMac and my 13″ MacBook.

I installed Leopard on my Intel Mac Mini yesterday. This Mac is used only as a media center and has little software and no unique data. So I went for a straight upgrade. The only minor glitch was with the wireless network When the setup wizard ran it wouldn’t connect to the wireless networks. Messages alternated between bad password and a general network error. But I was able to go into network preferences and pick the network from there and it connected fine.

The software I use is running well under Leopard, with just minor glitches. I’m getting used to cover flow in the finder and think I’ll actually find it useful. Apple seems to be moving more towards the way I like to organize things, mainly by not organizing them. I like GMail exactly because with a few tags I can find email via searches and don’t need to organize it into folders. Finder seems to have gone the same way. I can through stuff in directories and use spotlight, coverflow and quickview to find them fast. I’ve actually held off telling Pathfinder to replace Finder at start-up.

I’m also surprised by how fast Leopard is. I did erase and installs on my two main machines and upgraded memory on my iMac, so I can’t directly compare old and new speeds. But Leopard feels faster. Maybe some things are cosmetic, like bouncing icons less. But spotlight is faster since before it really wasn’t worth using, now it is.

Oh yea, another cool feature. iCal isn’t even running and the icon in the doc has today’s date.

It was another week where the quest was pretty much all Leopard and that about covers it.

Software Upgrades Downloads: Flash Player 9 Update – Adobe has updated Flash Player 9 to be compatible for Leopard. Note the requirement to uninstall the old version first. The uninstaller is linked on the page. Netscape Navigator Web BrowserNetscape Navigator lives and is now at version GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation ProgramGIMP has been updated to 2.4.1

Growl 1.1.2 has been released for the Mac. iStats menu 1.2 – An update to the popular iStat Menus program for Macs. Great for those of us who like tech info on how our Macs are running. (Donationware) Mozilla Firefox Release NotesFirefox has released a new version

News & Links Leopard DNS Issues (and work-around) – Solution for issue some Jungle Disk users had with Leopard. I like Jungle Disk even if I haven’t found a reason for me to use it. Imperium: Google’s March Towards Becoming America’s Biggest Company – It’s a scary thought that the 5th largest U.S. company, by stock valuation, makes it’s money by selling ads. And some expect it to become the largest. MacBook (Late 2007): About the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation disk – Apple does seem to have a bit of copy protection on their OS DVDs. Fair use advocates hit back with copyright principles of their own – Fair use advocates responds to the big content manifesto about user generated content. They try to restrict the impact on fair use. IP firm sues… everyone for WiFi patent infringement – A broken patent and/or legal system. Some Leopard early adopters bitten by installation bugs – Ars Technica rounds up some problems people have experienced upgrading to Leopard. Official Gmail Blog: Code changes to prepare Gmail for the future – Google will be rolling out more updates to GMail. Hack Attack : Install Leopard on your PC in 3 easy steps! – Installing Leopard on a PC. Hacked iPhones and now Leopard on non-Apple hardware. Oh my. Everex’s $199 green PC: attention ignorant Wal-Mart shoppers – amusing note about Everex’s “green” pc at Walmart. It’s a mini-ITX motherboard in a tower case. Because “Research indicates that Wal-Mart shoppers equate the size of the system to its capability.” Is it time to get rid of the Whois directory? – Column discusses that there’s a proposal to get rid of the whois database. One argument against doing so is “accurate and available information is essential for law enforcement in crimes”. Good to know criminals accurately register domains. Killing the RIAA: Is “stealing” music the same as supporting music? – Interesting take on the RIAA and that spreading songs through file sharing networks (“stealing” in RIAA terms) actually helps the artist more than buying the CD since artists get little or nothing from CD sales. Say goodbye to the transparent menu bar – There’s already a utility to get rid of the semi-transparent menu bar. Appeals court rubber stamps FCC’s DSL (de)regulation – Appeals court ruling could eliminate independent ISPs and limit consumer choice. Why hasn’t this been publicized in the US? I found the news on a UK site. Apple sells 2 million copies of Leopard since Friday – I guess Leopard is popular.It took 6 weeks to sell 2 million copies of Tiger. Leopard Spotlight: the upgrade disc gripe – Looks like Leopard drop-in disks (shipped with new Macs) require Tiger to already be on the Mac. ‘Net Governance Body Punts On WHOIS Privacy – Security Fix – WHOIS database will remain full of information and public. Options are to provide false info or pay to keep the info private.