Why People Don’t Trust Microsoft

Screenshots were lost and have been removed.

This is an example of why people don’t trust Microsoft, or at least why I don’t.

When I ran windows update it told me I needed to update some components of it and this is the benefits I’d receive:

That sounded remarkably like the Windows Update I already had so I clicked for the details:

The only thing they were updating was the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool. Granted they had some bad press on the topic but that was because they were hiding the updates and ignoring user settings. I’d think they’d go out of their way to show they’ve learned their lesson. Here they tell us, but only after promoting existing functionality as being in the update and requiring and additional click to review the fine print. What’s actually in the update takes less space than their incorrect inducement.

Making the truth hard to find, or even acknowledging the truth, seems to be an affliction infecting many large companies these days. Comcast seems to have trouble admitting to their policies and actions even though it’s the secrecy that will probably cause more bad press than the truth. Verizon was fined for selling “unlimited” service with definite limits.

I don’t actually think people at Microsoft go to work every day with an agenda to screw their customers. But the Microsoft’s and Comcast’s have gotten so big and removed from their customers (and their own customer reps) that their first reaction is to go into corporate speak mode with the attitude that a good customer is an ignorant customer.

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