Leopard & MacMozy Backup

After getting Leopard set up and most software installed it was time to set up Mozy again. I’m backing up about 30GB to Mozy and if all the files had to be sent again it would take days at my upload speed. Even though I was doing a complete re-install of everything I’d be restoring the bulk of my data to the same locations and they should appear unchanged to Mozy. Some data would be unchanged but be in new locations. Since I was re-installing all software the settings would in fact be new and would be backed up again but this should be a relatively small amount.

I did the MacMozy install last thing Friday night so it would have the whole night and some of the next morning to back up before I was back at my Mac.

I ran the installer for the latest MacMozy software which was version (640). I entered my account information and when Mozy verified my account it saw that I had files already backed up using a private encryption key. It prompted me to enter the encryption key which I did. Then it ran the setup wizard and prompted me to chose the items to back up. I picked the same directories I had chosen previously.

I noticed that the “Backup Set” queries ran much quicker than before. So I picked several of them to make sure I was covered in case I missed the directories.

Once the backup started it told me it had a little over 3GB to backup. That wasn’t too bad, although it could take up to a day. One thing I noticed is it appeared very slow or even hung up. Scanning for files took much longer than usual. Then it stayed in a “communicating with server” status for what seemed forever (I eventually gave up and went to bed while it ran). But in checking the Mozy log through the console I could see it was in fact going back and forth with the server sending information about 500 files at a time. I imagine that since the local history was gone it was rebuilding it or validating the information it received from the server about the files it wasn’t backing up

The backup was still running in the morning. When I checked the logs later I saw that it had run about 10 hours. Of the 3GB it thought it had to send, only about 1GB was for files that weren’t already on the server. The files that had been moved but otherwise unchanged were logged as already on the server.

I then did a test restore for a couple of th newly backed up files along with a couple that were backed up before Leopard. The restores went just fine.

I later installed MacMozy to my laptop and reconfigured the free Mozy account with similar results.

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