Mac OS X

Leopard Upgrade: Executing the Plan – Part 2

I got Leopard installed and running in good time and without any problems. So it was time to start installing the apps. So far the app installations have gone fine although a few minor Leopard problems have cropped up.

The first thing I installed was Yojimbo because I keep all my configuration info, serial numbers and passwords in it. Yojimbo syncs with .Mac so after installation I reconfigured it to sync with .Mac and did a manual sync. When prompted I told .Mac to replace everything on the computer (Yojimbo data only). All my data was quickly restored and I moved on.

Next up was Firefox. While it doesn’t sync with .Mac I do use the Google Browser Sync plugin to save configuration and other info. So I re-installed that and did a sync. All my bookmarks, cookies and configuration were restored.

Other programs, such as DVDPedia keep their data in ~/Library/Application Support/AppDir. I didn’t want to take the settings for every app since I wanted a clean start, but if the app also kept it’s data there I dragged the directory from my backup to Leopard after installing the app.

I installed all the Apple apps (iLife, iWork, Aperture) from DVD then ran Software Update to get all the updates for them. While there were updates for just about everything it was nice to only have to get one set of updates and not have to return to get the updates for the updates. For other apps I used their own update check after installing the software.

For iTunes I started it before any restore then I shut it down and moved my iTunes library from my backup to the newly created library directory and overwrote everything. I was happy to see it remembered all my podcast subscriptions and history. I had to authorize the computer with the iTunes store and I also went through the preferences and set things up again.

For iPhoto I copied my libraries to the Pictures directory. Since I don’t use the standard library name I held down the option key when I started iPhoto and picked one of my libraries and all was fine. I was able to use iPhoto Library Manager to switch between libraries although I’m avoiding any other iPLM options until there’s an update.

I was able to install the following apps: Aperture 1.5.6, ChronoSync 3.3.5, CSS Edit 2.6, DVDPedia 4.0.7, Fetch 5.2.1, Firefox, Growl 1.1.1, iLife ’08, iWork ’08, Mailplane 1.53, QuickSilver B52 (3813), Skype, SnapZ Pro X 2.1.1, and Transmit 3.6.1 among others. All used similar methods, either restore data from .Mac or restore the data from my backup.

SnapZ Pro X is one app I had a problem with. When I picked the option to license it to all users on the computer it would prompt me for my admin password but not do anything after I entered it. I had no problem licensing it for me. This isn’t a big deal since I’m the only user.

The Quicksilver website ( has been down so I’m been unable to download plugins but I’ve been using it as an application launcher. Can’t blame Leopard for this one.

That takes care of most of the software. I still need to setup Boot Camp, install Parallels and configure Time Machine but those will be more involved. I have read about people who are doing an upgrade in place having problems (and many other success stories) so I’m glad I went the re-install route. It takes longer but not unexpectedly long and I end up with a pristine installation.