Mac OS X

Leopard Upgrade: Executing the Plan – Part 1

The Leopard DVD was waiting at more door when I got home tonight, left by Fedex 10 hours earlier (damn work!). My memory upgrade had arrived earlier than expected and was waiting with the DVD. So I set about executing my upgrade plan, which is to do a full erase and install.

I synced my iPod with iTunes to get the latest updates, refreshed my iTunes library backup on my Airport connected drive then deauthorized iTunes. Then I did one more .Mac sync and set syncing to manual. Then I started Superduper! to do a smart update to both my external drives and went to put on a pot of coffee. The smart updates for my 500GB drive (240GB used) took about 15 minutes each. I then verified Mozy had backed up during the day while I was at work.

Then I booted off of each clone to make sure they worked. So I had two bootable full disk clones and a third backup of all data (Mozy offsite for everything except iTunes, and iTunes on another external drive). Once each clone booted I shut down and disconnected it from my iMac to avoid any accidents. Not that I’m paranoid or anything.

Once that was done I decided to take advantage of my backups and see what it was like to remove a Boot Camp partition. That went extremely well and was quick. (I’ll be adding Boot Camp back but with Windows XP and not Vista.)

Then I shut down, disconnected all peripherals and did the memory upgrade to bring it to the 3GB maximum, and booted to make sure the old OS saw the memory and everything seemed fine. I’ll do the upgrade with only the keyboard and mouse connected.

It was time to pop in the Leopard DVD, power off and reboot while holding down the <C> key to boot from the DVD. I did an Erase and Install which went very much as described by Apple. I picked a custom install and deselected the Language translations to save 1.9GB. The install was about 9.5GB.

The install took about an hour, including the setup wizard. There’s a DVD verification scan that can be skipped. I let it run this first time but will skip if for the other Macs. This took 22 minutes. The setup wizard runs after the first reboot and was just like setting up a new Mac. I did not use the Wizard to import the old settings. I want to do fresh installs for everything.

Immediately after my first logon there was an update through Software Update titled “Remote Desktop Client 3.2.1”. It was a 5.8MB download which downloaded quickly. I had expected Software Update to be buried so I was pleasantly surprised.

Then I connected one of my cloned drives and clicked cancel when asked if Time machine should use it. I then started copying the User directory to the local disk in a spare location. My plan is to disconnect the clone and start moving data from that spare location to my current directories. I’ll clean things up as I go and by doing a move I’ll be able to keep track of what I haven’t touched.

I made a few quick configuration changes – moved the dock to the left side and set it to auto-hide and reconfigured mighty mouse so I can right-click. I also set it to bring up the app switcher by pressing the trackball.

Then I started installing software which I’ll cover in Part 2. (To jump ahead a bit – Software Update is feeding updates to my Apple apps just fine.)

My Leopard page will be kept updated with any problems as I find them.