Apple Releases Three Updates

Apple released updates for iLife, iDVD and some 24″ iMacs. The only update I received through Software Update was the iLife Support update.

iLife Support 8.1.1 is a 10.3MB download through Software Update in Intel Macs and a 6MB standalone download. According to Apple this address general compatibility issues and contains minor specifics. Nothing specific.

iDVD 6.0.4 improves compatibility with Leopard. I didn’t get this update as it’s for an older version of iDVD.

iMac MMX Update 1.0 is for late-2006 iMacs (I hate that Apple does models that way).This didn’t arrive through software update for me, despite seeming appropriate for my Mac. I manually downloaded it and ran the update which applied successfully. I’d never had the Boot Camp problem described in the update.

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