OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #11

Not much time spent on the quest this week. Started doing some research to see what software I had was ready for leopard, and which wasn’t. Hopefully I’ll have enough to post sometime this week.

I spent some time in iPhoto and developed a new appreciation for it. Spent some time with the various adjustment sliders and found them easy to use once I got the hang of it. I especially like the ability to do non-destructive edits during the printing process. I still don’t like the way iPhoto hides the original in the background and only displays the edited copy. It is non-destructive, but the only way I found to get back to the original is to “revert to original” which deletes the edits. Of course, a copy can be made before doing this but it’s of both the original and edited version. This can result in lots of identical “originals”. If I have an edit I like I export it then re-import it so it’s an original. Not very efficient so I don’t do it a lot. I’m still in the habit of only working with originals and routinely “revert” all photos to the originals. I keep thinking I’m missing something. Am I?

Software Upgrades

In what seems like a rare event, none of the software I use was upgraded this week. Microsoft patch Tuesday doesn’t count because I only reason I fired up Windows was to patch it.

Links & News

Universal Music seems to be developing a business strategy called “anything but Apple”. Ars Technica has their latest plan for a music subscription service.

Daring Fireball: The ‘Un’ in ‘Unsupported’ – Lots of iPhone news this week. The only article worth reading is this one.

Hands-On Review: Pixelmator, a ‘Photoshop Lite’ for Mac Shutterbugs – Wired News has a pretty good summary of Pixelmator. Mac OS X Hints: Hand-code Smart Folders – Example of how to edit – and extend the power of – smart folders. Mandriva Linux 2008 is out and about – Mandriva Linux has been updated and is now a 4.1GB download. – OEM pricing for Windows Home Server comes into focus at below $200 – This seems like a well thought out product (based only on the press). I wish it was a little cheaper although the price isn’t unexpected. – Online Storage: Free Remote File Storage Space at Who.hasfiles – Lifehacker brings another free online file storage solution. Free up to 100MB. – Rise of the iTunes Killers Myth — RoughlyDrafted Magazine – With all the news about new online music stores going after iTunes Roughly drafted has an article worth reading. I’ve been using Amazon lately but I’m not calling it a iTunes Store killer. – Rumor: Aussies call Leopard date of 10/20 – Most rumors put the Leopard release date at 10/26 or so. This one says 10/20.