MacMozy Beta Updated to v0.7.0.0

The MacMozy Beta software was recently updated to v0.7.0.0. Mozy is the online backup service and MacMozy is the Mac client that I use.

The Mozy website doesn’t list what changes are included in this version and there aren’t any obvious changes. So, I’m assuming it was bug fixes and/or performance enhancements.

After updating the Mozy client the backup software would report connection errors (Connectionerror2) each time it tried to do a backup. Once I rebooted my Mac the errors went away and the backups resumed working.

I didn’t have any problems restoring files backed up with older versions. Files backed up with the latest version also restored just fine.

I currently have 105,405 files totaling 29.4GB. It took about a week to get the initial backup due to the relatively slow upload speed but since then the backup times have been reasonable.

Mozy does offer a free 2GB account so you can try it and I ran that for several months before finally taking the plunge.

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