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Conspicuously absent from my 10 most used and 10 most popular lists was any sort of word processor or spreadsheet. So I’ll make it a trilogy and cover text editors in this post. I’ll throw in a spreadsheet mention since my spreadsheet use doesn’t warrant a mention on it’s own.

Actually, my primary text editor did get a mention – Firefox. Based on both time any quantity, most of my writing is done for this website. For that I use the WordPress admin panel with Firefox as my browser. I stick with the online admin panel because it allows me to make notes in pending articles from any PC with internet access. This more than makes up for the hassles of online editing (sometimes slow, occasional connectivity loss, etc…). WordPress’s autosave has saved me more than once.

A distant second, but still second is TextEdit which comes with OS X. I use this for simple notes. I used to use it for various text documents managed with Quicksilver but I’ve since moved those to Yojimbo. TextEdit’s ability to read MS Word documents (for text, not formatting) also has some benefit.

I also have TextMate 1.5 which I got as part of the MacHeist bundle. TextMate is an extensible app that supports macros and syntax highlighting among other features. I do use it as the default editor for Transmit since any files I edit over (s)ftp usually benefits from the syntax highlighting. Other than that I rarely use it.

I’ve also used Google Docs when I’ve needed a more formal letter but it’s still rarely used. Now that Pages (part of iWork) is a little easier to use for quick one page docs I’ll probably use it instead.

Lastly, my spreadsheet of choice is Numbers (part of iWork). But it’s more the path of least resistance than anything else. My spreadsheet needs are limited (simple DB, simple calculations). I used to use Google Spreadsheets and it was slow at times, wanting to autosave or calculate after every cell update. So I’m happy to have Numbers local to my Mac.

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