10 Favorite Macs Apps (that I don’t use enough)

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Yesterday I wrote about my 10 Most Used Mac Apps according to Wakoopa. I was a little surprised by some of the apps that showed up on the list and a few apps I really like didn’t show up in the top 10.

So these are the apps I wished were on, or expected to show up in, the top 10 list. In reverse order this time.

10. Quicken for Mac – I wouldn’t call this a favorite. It came with my first Mini so I used it. I upgraded once but skipped the others. I use it as a transaction register and not much else. It’s ability to download transactions from my banks keeps me using it.

9. VMWare Fusion – Tough choice between this and Parallels.

8. Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac – Still not sure which I like better, Parallels or VMWare but I’m using Parallels more.

7. Growl – Growl is a free program for Mac OS X that other applications use as a notification system.

6. Transmit – An FTP client for Panic Software. I use it to automate my website backups while the recent upgrade added support for Amazon S3.

5. iPhoto Library Manager – I first came upon iPhoto Library when I had iPhoto problems back in January. I use it to manage my three iPhoto libraries and for the occassional re-organization.

4. ClamXav – Free Virus Checker for OS X which uses the opensource clamav engine as the backend. There’s no real-time protection but it can watch certain directories and scan files as they are added. I watch the directories shared with Windows and my download directory.

3. MacMozy – More of a service than software. I use Mozy for offsite backup of my data files. I’m backing up over 105K files totaling about 30GB.

2. MailPlane – Still in Beta

1. QuickSilver – Application, file, and information interface.

And honorable mentions go to Skype and Little Snitch.

What’s your favorite Mac app?

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