October’s Here!!

October’s going to be big month here at The OS Quest. First off we’ve got Leopard from Apple (well, it might actually be last). I have to admit to irrational exuberance about it’s release. It’s more an evolution than an revolution, yet I want it and will have it day one.

The new desktop features seem nice, but I long ago stopped using the desktop. I use a clean desktop, made so by telling Pathfinder to hide it. Although the Desktop directory becomes a holding place for things I want to look at later. I wonder if the new features will change my habits?

Boot Camp is built in but I’m already using the beta. It’ll be nice to have it for real, but it’s not new.

Time Machine is intriguing but I already have a backup solution I like (SuperDuper for local, and Mozy for offsite). Time Machine may replace SuperDuper for me since it’s more than just an image of the latest files. But I’m not sure I want to give up being able to just boot from my backup disk.

Despite what seems like negative comments, I’m eagerly awaiting Leopard. Apple doesn’t get any more specific than “October 2007”, but I expect the 26th if not the 31st.

I also typically take my vacation in October and this year is no different. Although it’s a bit shorter since I took some time earlier in the year. I figure Leopard won’t be out until after my vacation and that’s probably a good thing. But I have high expectations from this vacation – day trips and lots of time at the computer, whichever I feel like doing at the moment.

WordPress 2.3 is out already and I have to make changes to my template before I can upgrade. It might be a good time to do a more elaborate redesign. I really want to spend some time this vacation getting into CSS and PHP so this may be a good opportunity for that. But I’ll need to start a bit before so I can get the inevitable frustration out of the way.

And of course, the Red Sox and Yankees are in the playoffs even though the Mets completely collapsed at the end. So it’ll make for an interesting week or two as October starts.

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