Parallels 3 Build 5160

Parallels released a minor upgrade to Parallels 3 Desktop for Mac. It’s a free update to Parallels 3 owners and is an 88MB download. It’s available through the built-in Parallels software update feature or as a direct download.

Parallels 3 Upgrade Checklist

  1. Download the update and run the installer (which is an automatic prompt through their software update).
  2. Start each of your VMs. When you start a VM for the first time after the upgrade the Parallels Tools Setup will run so you can update Parallels Tools. The file name is PTStart.exe and will be on the (virtual) CD drive. Some OS’s (Vista) may ask for your permission. Vista will also warn about unsigned drivers – allow the driver installs.
  3. Restart the VM when prompted at the end of the Parallels Tools upgrade.
  4. Done

Documented Improvements

Coherence 3 has been updated to include:

  • Each windows app window opens as a separate Mac window
  • Expose support (Yipee!)
  • Minimize windows to Mac Dock support
  • The ever claimed performance improvements
  • Silent boot in Coherence mode when clicking on a VM alias
  • Other cosmetic changes

The Virtualization Engine has been updated to include:

  • The ever claimed performance improvements
  • “Significant” CPU usage improvement
  • Memory management improvement and support for more than 4GB of RAM for multiple VMs
  • Maximum memory size increased to 2GB for a VM

There’s also many improvements around integrating the Windows user profile with the Mac profile. Such as multi-user support, mapping shared folders using Windows drive letters and recycle bin/trash bin integration.

You can also now mount Parallels virtual disks to access files without starting the VM.

They also added the ability to sync the iPhone with Windows. My question is why?

All their improvements are documented here.


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