The OS Quest Trail Log #6

It was a light week here at The OS Quest, caused by some business travel mid-week and catching up after a long weekend.

Comcast broadband continues to run well except for some points where it just stops. Since the outage seems to stay in effect until I power-cycle the cable modem I’m assuming I don’t miss any outages. I this case the lock-up always seems to occur when I’ve been uploading for a long time. For example, an overnight backup. Eventually the problem will occur when I have the time and patience to call Comcast tech support. My past experiences with Comcast tech support is in line with the surveys – it’s not good.

Apple’s announcements this week didn’t excite me. Don’t get me wrong, I want one of everything except the iPhone, but my current iPod is just fine for me. But when it dies I’ll have a hard decision – the 160GB data center in my pocket or the slick interface wireless PDA with limited storage. I’m hoping my iPod lives to see the next iPod Touch version which will hopefully have 32GB (I’ve given up on iPod touch with a hard drive). That will still be a tough decision.

Which brings me to my comment to iPhone early adopters. It was worth waiting in line and worth the price when you bought it. It’s technology. It’s always getting better or dropping in price, or both. Wait until you need it or you consider it’s worth the value. Then suck it up. But I have to admit, a 33% price drop after a little more than two months is Apple sticking a finger in your eye, even if the cellphone market is competitive.

In old business – I mentioned in the last trail log that I couldn’t bridge the LinkSys router. Bob Plankers left a comment suggesting just using the Ethernet switch ports to connect. You can check out his own site at The Lone Sysadmin.

Links & News

iStatsMenu 1.1 has been released by iSlayer. This is a free, must-have app for any Mac user who likes stats. In my case, I choose to display memory, CPU usage and network bandwidth used, along with the enhanced calendar/clock on my iMac. For my MacBook I add the temperature. For all the stats in one view I use the iStatPro Dashboard widget.

jkOnTheRun brings news of Virtual CloneDrive which is freeware for Vista. It can be used to mount ISO (CD) images as virtual drives in Vista.

The BBC, among others, is reporting that Sony has new rootkit problems. The problem was originally found by F-Secure. At least in this case the user knows they’re installing software and there’s an uninstall routine. The rootkit is related to biometric security on Sony’s USB memory stick.

UneasySilence has information on how to get your personal information out of Internet search results.

Lifehacker brought news of a posting of 40 Free Windows Apps at the Technology Bites blog.

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