VMware Fusion Upgrade

I upgraded to the production version about two weeks ago. I installed a late beta of VMWare Fusion on my MacBook a short time before the production release. It’s set up to run the Boot Camp partition in a VM. I still haven’t found a need to run Windows on OS X but the VMWare beta was about to expire so it was time to upgrade. The upgrade was simple and consisted of the following steps:

VMWare Fusion Upgrade Checklist

  1. Backup the Mac
  2. Mount the VMWare disk image that was downloaded
  3. Run “Install VMWare Fusion.pkg” from the disk image.
  4. The serial number will be pre-filled from the current installation. Change it if necessary or continue to click through the wizard.
  5. Start the Virtual Machine and run the VMWare tools install (upgrade) when prompted.

VMWare Fusion First Impressions

I still lack any real need to run Windows software so I haven’t given either VMWare or Parallels a thorough workout. But VMWare impresses me. While VMWare is new to Macs they’ve got a long history with VM software which shows. Crave (at CNet) gave the performance edge to Fusion. I like the ability to configure Fusion to only use specific CPU’s (or CPU cores).

I tried installing a couple of old games under VMWare (The Sims 2 & Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds). This was on my MacBook which has a low end video chip set. I also didn’t change any VMWare default settings. The Sims 2 wouldn’t install because the VM didn’t meet the video requirements. Star Wars GB installed but the video is funky (a technical term). Both run fine under Boot Camp which seems a better choice for gaming anyway.

What’s your experience with VMWare Fusion?

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