Transmit 3.6 Upgrade

The upgrades continued this week with the release of Transmit 3.6 which has become my favorite FTP client, edging out Fetch. Transmit is from Panic Software. The update adds a feature I’ve wanted, one I didn’t know I wanted, and a bunch of other fixes.

The Upgrade

Panic changed the download to a zip file. To install just extract the zip which results in just Copy to your applications directory, replacing the existing version if there is one. I did have to update my Automator scripts that used the Transmit “Synchronize Files” action. This action was changed in the upgrade and the scripts ended with an error until I updated and saved them. I don’t used the other Transmit actions so I can’t say whether or not they need to be updated but the release notes don’t mention they changed.

The Changes

The feature I wanted was the ability to copy a file path (URL) when an item is selected in Transmit. For example, if I copy a file to my website I can copy the URL and paste the link into my browser so I can preview it. Or I can copy the link into a web page. When setting up a favorite I specify a root URL for the favorite and this is used for the URL copy. For example, I use as the root URL so when I copy a URL in Transmit it uses this along with the file path to allow me to paste it into my browser.

The feature I didn’t know I wanted was support for Amazon S3 storage. Amazon S3 (S3 = Simple Storage Service) is a service that allows unlimited storage (with single file sizes to 5GB) where you only pay for what you use. It’s extremely low cost and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use it. Transmit does seem to have a problem with S3 buckets that have a large number of files. I tried to access my Jungle Disk bucket (which has thousands of files) and Transmit just seemed to hang up forever. Others have had the same complaint.

Amazon’s low cost storage solution is intriguing and Transmit’s S3 support makes it even more intriguing.

Am I nuts to be paying for an FTP client?

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