MacMozy Beta Updated to v0.6.2.4

Mozy updated their Mac Backup beta software to version There’s no information on the changes in this release but the previous release (v0.6.2.2) was a step back for me so I went for it. Version had run OK since my previous problems until today when the problems returned. At 97.5% the backup would hang (regardless of size), the log would indicate “unable to connect to the backup server” and the backup would seem to end (no messages logged for 30 minutes).

So I installed the latest upgrade. Unlike the previous upgrade, this one kept the backup history. This version, like the last, seems to be slow communicating to the Mozy backup server. There are long delays when the status is “communicating to the server”. The backups are also slower than before, rarely ever reaching even 1/8 of the available upload bandwidth. This could be the Mozy servers and not the software. It could also be my connections so I did a speed test using Mozy’s recommendation (Speakeasy – West Coast Server) and received an upload speed over eight times what MacMozy was showing when it was backing up.

On the plus side, the new version completed a backup after the previous version had twice hung up at 97.5% so ‘ll keep my fingers crossed.


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