iPhoto 7.0.2 Released & Lesson Re-learned

Apple released another update to their still fresh iPhoto 7, bringing the version to 7.0.2. The official word on this is it “…addresses issues associated with publishing to .Mac Web Gallery, rebuilding thumbnails, and editing books. It also addresses a number of other minor issues.” It’s a 10MB download through software update or 8.8MB standalone download.

I also found a solution to an annoyance that I had with iPhoto. It reminded me that Apple likes to bury actions in context menus.

In previous versions of iPhoto when I printed a photo it would automatically be sized to fit within the paper size, no cropping. With iPhoto 7 this changed. Now iPhoto seemed to guess at the best way to fill the page. In my case it would set the width to fit the page and crop the top and bottom. While I could easily crop it further I couldn’t figure out how to print the entire picture. I found the answer in this forum post. After click print then click the customize button, very intuitive to this point. But the next step is to right-click the picture and pick “fit photo to the frame size” from the context menu.

This isn’t easy to do so I assume Apple thinks most people want to fill the page, cropping when necessary. Am I the only one who wants to fit the entire picture I cropped/composed onto the paper?

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