MacMozy Beta Updated to v0.6.2.2

Updated 8/28: See section in red block. Mozy released MacMozy (23015), their online backup software for the Mac which is still in beta. This release was a reminder to me about the downside of beta software. I upgraded both my iMac and my Macbook. The MacBook upgrade went relatively well. I’d describe it as quirky but problem free. My Macbook backup is very small at 150MB with few changes between backups. My iMac upgrade was quirky and then became problematic.

Both Macs – Quirky

I downloaded and installed the upgrade. After the upgrade the status said a backup had never been done. There wasn’t any backup history. But I was able to restore files that were previously backed up. When I picked “Restore Files” from the menu I got a message that no backup has yet been done but then the restore dialog opened and I was able to pick files and restore them.

I manually kicked off a backup and the backup history showed it as completed but the status still said no backup has ever been done. I waited for a automatic backup and it was the same thing. The backup was logged in the backup history, the files were on the server, but the status says no backup was ever been. At some point, awhile after a reboot, the status correctly indicated the last backup time. I’m not sure if it was the reboot or just timing that made it appear.

The Macbook has been fine since, the iMac went downhill from there.

iMac – Downhill

I went into the Mozy configuration and changed the files being backed up. This resulted in about 900MB of new files to be backed up. The backup started just fine but around midnight the DSL connection went away (unrelated to Mozy). Once it was restored Mozy picked up doing the backup. But when I checked again in the morning it had stopped at 93.5% and seemed to be hung up “communicating to server”. Checking the console log showed it said it hadn’t done anything for 6 hours, so I canceled the backup. I started another backup and Mozy crashed.

I rebooted for a clean start and began another backup. It again hung a 93.5% even though there were fewer files to backup. I waited two hours then canceled the backup and tried again. This time the status window didn’t appear. I rebooted. I tried configuration, restore and backup. No window ever appeared. So I re-installed MacMozy and reset my configuration to my previous settings (what was being backed up before the upgrade). Since most files were already one the server I expected it to be quick.

The next backup worked although the status still says never backed up. I’ve rebooted and it still says never backed up. The backup history says it worked and the files are available for restore. As it stands now I added a gig of new files into the configuration, while removing others, and I’ll wait for the automatic backup to run tonight when the iMac is idle and see what happens.

Update: The backup ran on it’s own and completed fine. The status still indicated no backup but the newly backed up files could be restored. Immediately after a reboot the status correctly indicated the last backup.

It should also be noted that when I changed the backup selections to add the new files I removed others. This brought me closer to my quota and if you add the new files to what was there then I’d be over quota and in fact after the first failure the server showed my usage was at my quota amount. But the quota is actually determined by the selections in the configuration so this should not have been a problem since it was under quota.

Mozy has also redesigned their website and they have a new logo, shown in the top left of this post. If you want to try a free Mozy 2GB account (But I’d recommend you wait until the next version of MacMozy) you can click this referrer link which will give us both an extra 256MB of storage. Mozy offers the 2GB accounts for free and Unlimited Backup for $4.95/Month(aff).

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