Boot Camp 1.4

I’ve been running Boot Camp on my MacBook since getting it. Even though I haven’t used it for anything to speak of Apple came out with an upgrade and I had to apply it.

The update was easy, although a bit time consuming, mainly because of the need to burn a CD and a couple of reboots.

Boot Camp Upgrade Checklist

Times are for my 13″ MacBook.

  1. Download Boot Camp and mount the drive image. It’s a 347MB download.
  2. Install the Boot Camp assistant from the mounted drive. (2 minutes)
  3. Burn a “Mac Windows Driver Disk” to CD. (10 minutes incl. verify)
  4. Reboot to Vista (Hold option key when shutting down) (2 min)
  5. Insert the driver disk from step 3. Autorun will prompt and ask what to do, tell it to run setup.exe. Acknowledge the XP permission prompt. The drivers will install. During the installation of the video drivers the screen will corrupt and go blank. It will restore to normal. (10 minutes)

The total time for the upgrade was just under half an hour.

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