MacMozy Beta Updated to

This article is obsolete. Images and broken external links have been removed.

Mozy has updated their Mozy Mac beta software to version Mozy has a list of bug fixes that are in this version and they’ve expanded the scheduling options to detect how busy the Mac is and to not back up if it’s above the threshold that you’ve set. You can also not get alerted if a backup hasn’t occurred in a set number of days.

I installed the software and did a manual backup without incident. The Mozy software has been very reliable for me although I don’t have many of the situations that triggered the bugs that were listed.

The new scheduling panel is shown below (click to see full size):


The list of changes below is pasted from the Mozy website, some of these were in early versions.

* [added] improved preferences* [added] better information display when some files fail to
* [fixed] now handling directories and renames correctly
* [fixed] avoids “scan cache is locked” errors
* [fixed] network usage now matched Activity Monitor
* [fixed] error name prefixes changed back to “Mozy”
* [fixed] status app’s “range or index out of bounds” error
* [added] all log output now goes to /var/log/mozy.log
* [added] removed splash screen
* [fixed] Backup sets not saving
* [fixed] Machine name bug
* [fixed] Other machine usage bug (365mb used by….)
* [fixed] Memory leak/ absurd resource usage
* [fixed] Repeated MozyServerError2
* [added] Clicking the status window could open a Mozy error page in the browser
* [added] Backup sets can now find files Spotlight doesn’t find
* [added] Backs up files and folders moved into locations that are being backed up.
* [added] Can hide the mozy icon from the Configuration menu and bring it back the same way.
* [added] Clears out temporary files when backups are canceled.
* [fixed] Problems preparing files larger than 2 GB
* [fixed] Randomly losing files from backup sets
* [fixed] Backing up the same files over and over (This was fun :))
* [fixed] Unable to select files on partitions beside the operating system’s partition.
* [fixed] Log file filling up hard drive.
* [fixed] Unable to select files on external hard drives.
* [fixed] Selecting files and folders yielded strange sizes.
* [fixed] The backup would hang midway through when backing up locked files.


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