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This article is obsolete. Broken external links have been removed.

Along with Apple’s announced enhancements to .Mac and it’s increased integration with the new iLife ’08 Apple as released a series of tech support articles for .Mac. Most of these tend to be general troubleshooting and are applicable to .Mac before as they are now. Here they are:

.Mac: “An inconsistency detected on .Mac for your Bookmarks” alert after syncing with an iPhone

.Mac: Tips for using Address Book Sharing – Most of these are just Apple telling you to watch what you do and when you do it. Like :”Turn off Address Book Sharing when you no longer need to have it on.” and “Avoid making changes while a sync is occurring…”

Mail, .Mac: Accessing your email account on different computers, keeping messages “in sync” – I agree with Apple’s first suggestion on this one, use IMAP if possible. This is a .Mac article but really it’s not dotMac that syncs messages, it only syncs accounts.

Troubleshooting iDisk sync issues – Based on my past .Mac experience this article will get a lot of hits. The most non-obvious item – You need free space of at least 20% of the iDisk size. If the iDisk is 1 GB then 1.1GB of free space is needed. Also some warning about certain characters in the password or file names.

Troubleshooting .Mac syncing issues – Basically links to various troubleshooting articles. If you need to go here set aside a block of time to work through everything

How to back up .Mac data – this tells you how to back up data that’s on .Mac (which is different than syncing).

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