It’s Always Something…

…but not always what you think. I lost a couple hours of blogging time tonight because my site was down, or I thought it was down. Shortly after I put in a redirect to one of the domains on the server I began to lose connectivity to the Bluehost servers.

First I couldn’t access through SFTP (which I had just had enabled this weekend – about time I did it). So I spent some time figuring I was doing something wrong. Then I had problems getting into the Bluehost control panel followed by all my sites going down. The Control Panel runs off the same server as my sites.

I used SiteUpTime and found that it saw the site was up. I did the usual things that are done out of desperation, clear the browser cache, try another browser, etc… I could get everywhere non-Bluehost that I tried. So I found some other domains that were on the same server I was on and tried accessing a few of them. None responded, all timed out. (I used this reverse IP DNS lookup tool to find the sites) Bluehost status also said the server was fine through all this. With Bluehost and Siteuptime saying the sites were OK I decided to wait awhile and do other things. An hour later no change.

On a whim I decided to remote into my work PC before calling Bluehost since something just didn’t seem right. Behold – I could access my site from my work PC but still not from home. So I reboot my iMac and tried my other Mac while it’s rebooting. Neither the 2nd or rebooted Mac could access anything on my Bluehost server. There was only one thing left – I pulled the plug on my DSL gateway and rebooted that. Sure enough, everything worked after the reboot.

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