MacMozy Updated – Features Added

This article is obsolete. Images and broken external links have been removed.

Mozy released a couple of updates to their Mac backup software (beta) in the last couple of weeks. The update to added some new features. This was followed by which seems to have just been bug fixes.

Mozy doesn’t list fixes included in each specific version, their FAQ says the following bugs were fixed since version

  • Backup sets not saving
  • Machine name bug
  • Other machine usage bug (365mb used by….)
  • Memory leak/ absurd resource usage
  • Repeated MozyServerError2
  • Clicking the status window could open a Mozy error page in the browser
  • Backup sets can now find files Spotlight doesn’t find
  • Backs up files and folders moved into locations that are being backed up.
  • Can hide the Mozy icon from the Configuration menu and bring it back the same way.
  • Clears out temporary files when backups are canceled.

I’ve been running MacMozy for about two weeks and I installed MacMozy earlier today. I run MacMozy on two Macs, backing up about 1.4GB on one and only about 300MB on the other. The software’s been extremely reliable backing up and restoring on both.

Although, one Mac is experiencing a minor problem. Whenever the configuration is started it cycles through the backup sets for Powerpoint, Word, and Excel files several times. All other sets are only checked once, Eventually it loads the configuration screen (sometimes after cycling through them for almost 5 minutes). I have these sets de-selected for backup but they’re still checked. I did have the MS Office “test drive” files still on that Mac so there were some matching files. I deleted the test drive but even though there weren’t any matching files it still cycled through them when loading the configuration.

New Features

The Mozy Preferences are now on three panels instead of one and now includes the ability to throttle bandwidth.

The “General” preferences panel (click the thumbnails to seem them full size) contains the option to hide the Mozy icon from the menu bar along with the option to install updates automatically. These options were in previous versions so there’s nothing new here.

The scheduling panel gives the options to do a backup at a specific time each day or after the computer has been idle for a specified period of time. The defaults are shown in the screenshot to the left. I’ve been doing backups when the computer has been idle for 2 hours. Also, even if a 30 minute idle time is set Mozy will only backup once every two hours. Other than some tweaking of the words this is the same as previous versions.

The Performance panel is completely new and adds the ability the throttle the bandwidth used when doing backups. This was in the Windows version but it was just added to MacMozy. The limit is set by specifying a specific KB/Sec and not a percentage of the connection.

I don’t usually throttle the bandwidth but as a test I set the limit to 64KB/s. According the Mozy status screen the bitrate stayed around 64KB/s but sometimes hit 70KB/s. When I removed the throttle limit the upload speed was around 290KB/s (my DSL is rated at 384kps for uploads).

MacMozy Beta Status

I’m actually pretty impressed with the reliability I’ve seen with the recent versions, especially since it’s still beta software. The ability to restore files through the software (instead of having to go to the website then manually decrypting the download) was added in an earlier version so I’ve been restoring files and directories every week or so. So far I haven’t had any problems. Restores are much quicker due to the faster download speed. I use a private encryption key (not Mozy’s) and the files are automatically decrypted as part of the restore process.

I’m still using the free plan but the MacMozy software seems stable enough to consider the paid plan, if that was the only consideration. My slow DSL upload speed, with no acceptable alternatives, means my initial backup time would be measured in weeks if I was to back up all 150GB (and growing) that I would want backed up.


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