MacUpdate and MacHeist Software Bundle

MacUpdate is offering a bundle of 10 applications, all of which are now unlocked. MacHeist takes the same bundle and offers some additional goodies when you buy it through them. I bought the original MacHeist bundle but the software in this bundle doesn’t excite me (or I already have it). But if you’ve been considering a couple of the applications the $50 bundle price can result in considerable savings over the individual prices.

Based on price, the top app is TechTool Pro which lists for $98 and retails for around $80. TechTool Deluxe, which is a subset of TechTool Pro is included with an Applecare purchase.

Intaglio is a drawing program that lists for $89 and Little Snitch is an application that reports on outgoing network requests by applications and retails for $25. These round out the applications that were unlocked when a certain sales volume was reached.

There does seem to be some overlap in the software selection as Cocktail is a utility that duplicates some features of TechTool.

I do own Little Snitch and like it, but more because I’m curious about the network activity of applications (such as checking for updates or license verifications) and sometimes like to temporarily block those checks. I also own Fetch, an FTP program, that I like and use but there are free alternatives (Cyberduck is popular) so I don’t see an FTP client driving someone to purchase the bundle.

MacHeist adds five full licenses (totaling about $98 list) and includes access to two beta programs. The beta software duplicates existing bundled software (ftp client and drawing program). If your interested in the bundle you’re probably better off going through MacHeist since you’ll get the extras for the same price.

The original MacHeist included Delicious Library which seemed to be a good all-around draw for Mac users. (Even though I don’t use it myself.) This bundle doesn’t seem to have an application with such wide appeal. If you want a couple of the apps you may save money by buying the bundle, otherwise you may decide to skip this one which is what I’ll do. If your curious about the apps you can download demo copies for most of them.

The bundle is set to expire midnight EDT on Thursday July 19th, 2007. They’ve also added PhotoPresenter to the bundle.

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