Apple Patches on Tuesday

Apple joins the the Tuesday patch party and releases updates to Quicktime and iTunes. The patches are for the software on both Windows and OS X.

The Quicktime update, to version 7.2 includes eight security vulnerability fixes in addition to updates to the H.264 codec, support for full screen viewing and “numerous bug fixes”. As with all other Quicktime updates if you’ve purchased a Quicktime Pro version prior to 7 and you install this update your older Quicktime Pro will stop working and you’ll have to buy the new version. The update requires a reboot on both Mac and Windows.

The iTunes update brings iTunes to 7.3.1 and fixes a problem with iTunes 7.3 accessing the library. I installed this on both Mac and Windows without incident. As a test I played a short podcast on Windows. I successfully synced my iPod and Apple TV after the update. I didn’t have the access problem this update was supposed to fix so I can’t say whether or not it resolved that specific problem.

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