WordPress Update and Site News

I finally got around to upgrading to WordPress 2.2.1 (from 2.2.0) which was released almost three weeks ago. One benefit of procrastination is that the Fantistico scripts available through Bluehost were updated and I could update with one click through Fantastico. I’m still paranoid and turned off all the plugins before the upgrade and started them one by one after. (Naturally making sure my backup was fine before the upgrade.) WordPress 2.2.1 contains 3 bug fixes along with numerous bug fixes. No problems doing the upgrade or with the blog afterwards.

But there were problems before the upgrade which went unnoticed since I was offline so much. Some URLs just returned a 301 permanent redirect error and redirected back to itself. All-in-all not a good thing. This was caused by the Permalink Redirect plugin being turned on (accidentally) before I finished testing. For some reason it affected many URLs but not others. Well, the plugin is off and things are working again. There’s a new item on my todo list – delete unused plugins.

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