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Back on the 22nd I commented in  a sidenote about an ISP survey that I was fairly happy with AT&T except for the lack of higher speed plans. As retribution I came home yesterday to find my phone service out (voice and DSL). I called AT&T and they were helpful although I consider myself lucky I could call it in as a voice problem. My only complaint is their phone tree asked for my phone number three times. In fairness I guess I should say the first was because I was calling from a different phone number. But come on folks, integrate your systems so once you get the info you can use it. They did detect a possible problem on the line so set up a service call which I didn’t have to be home for DSL came back last night (although very slow) and full service was restored today when some faulty equipment was replaced. I’m guessing heat related as it was the first real hot day around here and service came back a little once it cooled down a bit. In line with the survey, Comcast did worse by making me stay at home for the service call but never knocking on my door or letting me know the problem was fixed.

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