More Issues With Apple OS X 10.4.10

Well, I’m having more issues with the OS X 10.4.10 update. Lucky for me all the problems are on my Intel Mac Mini which sees limited use. My iMac has avoided the issues, but more through luck than anything else.

Apple released Audio Update 2007-001 that resolves this issue. It successfully fixed my Intel Mac Mini. Update 10.4.10 was also rev’d to version 1.1 so anyone getting the update in the future will not have the problem. My wireless problem remains.

The Apple Support forums have a long thread about audio problems titled Snap, Crackle, Pop. I have this problem on my Mac Mini but not on my iMac. My Mac Mini uses external speakers while the iMac just uses the internal speakers. In my case it’s the same popping sound I hear when I turn the speakers off or on. After the update I here the pop at intervals when nothing is playing. I only use this Mini to watch DVDs or play something from iTunes. It’s typically in sleep mode when it’s not playing audio or video. I don’t have any problems when I’m playing actual audio. I didn’t notice it until I was changing DVDs and there was nothing else playing. The support forum thread mentions it sounds like the sound card is going into power saver mode which at least makes sense with when I hear the sound. So far I haven’t come across a solution, but for me it’s a minor problem but I can see where it would be a major annoyance for others.

More annoying to me is the wireless problem I previously mentioned, It’s now official, whenever I wake the Mac Mini from sleep or reboot it I need to reconfigure the wireless network so it’s not an isolated incident and must be related to the 10.4.10 update. If I don’t find a resolution soon I may have to break down and contact Apple tech support.


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