PC World ISP Survey


PC World has published the results of a ISP satisfaction survey. Much to my surprise my experience with two of them matches the survey, usually it isn’t the case.

AT&T Yahoo, my current DSL provider, is rated seventh (out of 16). I found their connection reliability to be excellent and they are rated “Above Average” in the survey. They are below average in both upload and download speed which is my one big complaint. They just don’t have higher speed plans available. They rated average in customer service and my few interactions with them were excellent. I’ve never dealt with their tech support which was rated average. They were rated above average in spam blocking but I don’t use them for email. (I like them now as an ISP, but don’t want to tie an email address to them or any ISP.)

Comcast was rated 10th. They were my previous ISP. I got good speeds but far below the advertised “up to 6MB”. The survey does list the speeds as “Above Average” for them so maybe others have a better experience. They were rated below average in customer service and I never had a good experience with them. Their spam blocking is rated below average which matches my experience of terrible spam blocking. Comcast was rated Average for connection reliability. While they were generally good, I had more outages with them than I do with AT&T. Comcast tech support was also rated below average which matches my experience.

The top ISP was Verizon with their fiber network. The top cable company was Cablevision as #2. Earthlink DSL was the top DSL company and #6.

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