Apple Releases 10.4.10 for OS X

Apple has released OS X 10.4.10 for PowerPC and Intel based Macs. There is also an update to OS X Server but the Server update is not discussed here.

The update includes one security patch which itself is not critical. The vulnerability allows for network performance to be degraded but cannot be used to install malware or steal data.

There’s nothing spectacular in the update. Fixes and updates in OS X 10.4.10 include:

  • Bluetooth (headsets may have shown as sound output devices after removal)
  • Additional Camera RAW support.
  • Fixes issues with DNG files and with Mathematica 6.
  • USB updates (improved reliability and fixes issue with TomTom GPS)
  • Several other minor (unless they affect you) fixes.

I installed the update on two Intel Macs without incident. A reboot is required and it double-reboots after applying the patch. I haven’t had USB issues and don’t use the  other applications and hardware that was mentioned by name.

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